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export value chain development

Cody Provence
Internal Wholesaler at Jackson

I had the privilege of working under Shaun’s guidance during a summer consulting internship program in Beijing for one of China’s leading financial SaaS & PaaS providers. My team was tasked with understanding the company’s competitive advantage and assessing its potential in a new product market. During the first week, Shaun introduced us to the basics of management consulting, including Minto’s Pyramid Principle, Chinese Business Culture, and how to create compelling presentations using PowerPoint. During the project, he would meet regularly with our team, review our progress, and offer suggestions on how to improve the deliverable. He pushed our team to identify and synthesize a large amount of information and draw meaning from it in a useful way. His efforts really helped to create value for both my team and our client.

arvind murthy testimonial

Arvind Murthy
FinTech Builder

Shaun is one of the best marketing and sales strategists that I have come across in my years of business. Several of my business contacts from VCs, Angel Investors, and others have also remarked about Shaun.

Shaun has an energy and focus when it comes to business development, idea refinement, marketing, and also a real sense of design and details that are hard to find in most people. His work is really highlighted in our 2014 go to market launch where Shaun was an essential adviser insofar that every aspect of the marketing, branding, design, and sales strategy were all consulted by him.

martin smithmyer testimonial

Martin Smithmyer
Founder and CEO,
Americord Registry

Shaun was a fantastic asset for Americord just when we needed it most. Shaun brings two critical but rare skills to the project that he works on – deep intellectual capacity and rigorous technical analysis. This allows him to come up with practical recommendations as well as equally detailed plans, based on real research. Shaun helped us crystallize our business strategy, map out our strategic goals and plans, and even implement these plans. I will definitely hire him again.

xiaofei pei testimonial

Xiaofei Pei
Financial Analysis and KPIs

Shaun is a very sharp (both in analytical thinking and apt dress) consultant whom I’ve worked very closely with over the past 2 years. He has been a great teacher and colleague and has greatly shaped my career development. Shaun attacks every problem with logic and strategic thinking. He is an excellent modeler, a clear communicator, and an under-appreciated powerpoint artist — great qualities for any consultant.

laura allen testimonial

Laura Allen
Business Development
at Vicarious AI

Shaun has an unfathomable ability to wrap his head around and create sense out of, an overwhelming amount of information to draw out its seemingly non-existent marrow. Even more impressive, he is able to do so in such a way that he engages the other members of his team to participate in the process and add to the synergy, rather than sit on the sidelines, gaping. He is truly open-minded, magnanimous, and devoid of egotism—a very rare and compelling combination. These attributes, combined with his diligent dedication to getting the job done right the first time, make him an invaluable asset to any company lucky enough to have him onboard.

jj johnson testimonial

JJ Johnson
Lead Engineer at

Never before have I encountered an individual who has the ability to so completely analyze a situation, determine the best course of action, and then drive to results. Because of his ability to conceptualize immense models and rapidly establish business ties, I have personally witnessed Shaun achieve near impossibilities on a regular basis. Needless to say, Shaun is highly, highly recommended.

elmira togliatti testimonial

Elmira Togliatti
Integrated Marketing Strategist
at GAP Solutions, Inc.

Shaun is an unbelievable analyst. He has remarkable work ethics and dedication to anything he does. Superb modeler and highly analytical, Shaun is an asset to any project and any team.

aditya mishra testimonial

Aditya Mishra
Growth and Innovation Strategist

Shaun is one of the sharpest brains I have come across in my consulting career. His communication skills, strategic thinking and ability to deliver in complex environment makes him special.