Our typical website engagements are focused on growing a business presence and ranking online:

  • Rebuilding old / stale websites to attract and retain more visitors
  • Increasing your company’s search engine ranking through modern search engine optimization (SEO) practices
  • Managing existing websites and enhance them over time, while staying on top of critical updates and defenses
"Shaun is one of the best marketing and sales strategists that I have come across in my years of business. Several of my business contacts from VCs, Angel Investors, and others have also remarked about Shaun. Shaun has energy and focus when it comes to business development, idea refinement, marketing, and also a real sense of design and details that are hard to find in most people. His work is really highlighted in our 2014 go to market launch where Shaun was an essential adviser insofar that every aspect of the marketing, branding, design, and sales strategy were all consulted by him."
arvind murthy testimonial
Arvind Murthy
FinTech Builder