Typically, we help clients with these business challenges:

  • Geography selection: at the national, regional or even city level, we help you to identify areas with the highest potential demand for your product or service
  • Partner selection and partnership method: we support identification of the best partners and partnership method for your chosen market and product, in line with your company’s strategy
  • Financial modeling: our staff have a strong sense of how to create flexible and realistic market entry projections that are robust, not pie in the sky dreams
  • Wider on the ground support: through our partnership network, we can provide assistance to your company’s site selection, staffing and early operation period needs
"I had the privilege of working under Shaun’s guidance during a summer consulting internship program in Beijing for one of China’s leading financial SaaS & PaaS providers. My team was tasked with understanding the company’s competitive advantage and assessing its potential in a new product market. During the first week, Shaun introduced us to the basics of management consulting, including Minto’s Pyramid Principle, Chinese Business Culture, and how to create compelling presentations using PowerPoint. During the project, he would meet regularly with our team, review our progress, and offer suggestions on how to improve the deliverable. He pushed our team to identify and synthesize a large amount of information and draw meaning from it in a useful way. His efforts really helped to create value for both my team and our client."
Cody Provence
Internal Wholesaler at Jackson