Our typical economic assignments involve:

  • Defining and refining competitive advantage for cities or regions
  • Planning the industrial pillars for large area developments
  • Examining trends in population, incomes, employment bases and housing
  • Creating area wide demand models for housing or retail analysis
  • Supporting comprehensive planning efforts or new zoning codes

While our financial analysis engagements are largely focused on:

  • Building bespoke excel-based financial models for new investments or real estate developments (both at the corporate and project levels)
  • Creating targeted ad hoc financial models for management decision making, such as market entry planning or company reorganizations
"Never before have I encountered an individual who has the ability to so completely analyze a situation, determine the best course of action, and then drive to results. Because of his ability to conceptualize immense models and rapidly establish business ties, I have personally witnessed Shaun achieve near impossibilities on a regular basis. Needless to say, Shaun is highly, highly recommended."
Money moves the world, for better or worse. Businesses, cities, and non-profits are therefore always trying to quantify or improve their competitive positions to capture and retain more of what makes them successful.
The problem, in many cases, is that traditional economists tend to be operate in a theoretical bubble and few finance types want to get involved in the policy side of economics.
Key question
So how do you find a team who is comfortable with the range of issues relevant to economic policy analysis as well as excel-savvy enough to build incredibly sophisticated financial models?
Daedalus Advisory Services team brings together the wisdom, technical insights and quantitative modeling skills needed to evaluate a business, region or idea and create forecasts that allow you to focus on your business.