Entering the US Market

us market entry

New Product US Market Entry

An innovative shower product examines its US options
  • Duration: 2013
  • Goal: evaluate the potential regions with the best mix of attributes
  • Partners: Rubin Mallows Worldwide
  • Deliverables: Market entry study with structured demand evaluation
  • Interesting issues addressed: US market differentiation, regulatory issues around new product introduction, environmental concerns as product acquisition driver, operating structure and phasing, distribution / licensing comparisons
Our client is an award-winning technology company with a truly remarkable product for the shower that reduces water and energy use by up to 70% over standard showers.
The client understands the broad outline of the US market but needed much more granular information to determine where and how best to enter the US.
Key question and answer
The key question for the engagement was then how to enter the US with the lightest footprint and best structure for future growth? Our answer prioritized particular markets for the client and highlighted the pros and cons of a number of Buy/Build/Partner options for maximizing its growth across the US.
The proposed solution takes into account changes in regulatory trends, technology costs, environmental awareness and distribution channels, then creates a roadmap for the company’s US market entry. In addition, we created a financial analysis of the key options to understand the potential scale of revenues and EBITDA under each one.

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