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Overview of website development and marketing services

Very few strategy consulting firms offer in-house website development, SEO and marketing services. We have found that growth planning is so intertwined with web-development, SEO campaign, email and social media marketing and that it’s easier to offer these services to our clients in a seamless manner rather than have continually refer clients to yet another company.

Daedalus’ web development team offers these key services that each support a company’s growth plans.

Key questions for website development and marketing analysis

I already have a website. Why should I consider a new one?

Most websites are completely disengaged from the company’s strategy development process and results. Only in rare cases do companies have a truly integrated website that is part of the company’s deeper strategic aims to bring the right customers to the company. Chances are that if you hired a third party to build your website, then your website could be rebuilt to tightly align your most important marketing to the company’s long-term plans for growth.

What content should my website have to be relevant to my customers?

Website content should reflect answers to your client’s most important questions that are relevant to your business. Help them to solve their key business challenges and your website becomes relevant. Just brag about yourself and you’ll find out that few customers care. Let your intellect shine by helping others more than talking about yourself.

Do I need to have a perfect website to score well in Google search results?

No – and banish the word perfection from your idea of your website. Instead, think of your website as an ever-evolving experiment that is simultaneously providing useful information to your customers (and potential clients) and the search engines that help them to find you.

Does a good website actually translate into higher sales?

In some cases, yes, but in most cases, not right away. Even really good websites are often most effective at establishing your company as an authority in a particular niche while targeting particular clients. Over time you will see more requests come for your goods or services.

Typical website development and marketing engagements

Website design services

We build your company a website that fits your company’s growth plans with keywords and content that are targeted to your clients and their key problems.

Naturally, our websites are beautiful, responsive and standards compliant, but you knew that, right?

Content development for SEO

One area where we excel in web development services is in curated content creation using our own staff and a number of talented free-lance writers we use regularly. Together we start from your corporate strategy and the key issues that would bring your customers to you. From this perspective, we can create content that ranks well for SEO, answers your client’s most pressing questions and ties to your company’s growth plans in a meaningful way.

Customer engagement through social media and user reviews

Your customers are talking about you right now. They just may not be online – yet. We can help you to migrate your best customers to online platforms where they can become your evangelists.

Our marketing experts work with you to create a customer engagement plan to capture and promote those voices most likely to make you stand out as the leader in your niche by capturing leading market positions in Google reviews, Yelp, and others.

Marketing and promotion through paid and unpaid channels

Finally, our online marketing efforts include working with a wider variety of content placement sources, from blogs to newspapers, that can help to build your company’s reputation online. Daedalus’ online marketing experts work with your marketing team to identify target channels and messages then can craft articles that bring traffic to your doorstep.

Website development and marketing lessons learned

Incremental development keeps costs low and results high

Many (most?) companies think about a website as an online billboard that they develop once in a Big Bang type event, then forget about for a few years. Each time they spent an enormous amount of money and don’t ever seem to get real business increases out of the effort.

Although there is an increasing recognition among senior staff that regular, incremental development generates better results, the required resources and management attention to the issue tends to fall away as other issues arise.

Yet the companies that successfully answer their client’s questions with quality content and that rank highly in search engine rankings will eventually grow to own their niche online.


Pretty is important, but it’s not enough

Clients often focus on the look and feel of a website more than its functionality or its ability to bring future customers to your company. While beauty is important, any site that fails to attract customers and then convert them into customers is not working well, no matter how pretty it is.


Your customers have questions and pain points; answer them!

How would a customer find your business if he had never heard of you before?

The most likely avenue is that he is searching for the answer to a question that is causing a problem for his business. These business problems are likely costing him money – and that’s the beginning of your value proposition. Solve his problem and save him money and your services become the hero. Most companies have ignored this simple insight and instead write pages of online content about themselves. It’s good and useful to show off your skills, but spend as much or more time talking about how you can solve your clients’ problems. You’ll be surprised by the results.


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