Market Entry Services

Typically, we help clients with these business challenges:

  • Geography selection: at the national, regional or even city level, we help you to identify areas with the highest potential demand for your product or service
  • Partner selection and partnership method: we support identification of the best partners and partnership method for your chosen market and product, in line with your company’s strategy
  • Financial modeling: our staff have a strong sense of how to create flexible and realistic market entry projections that are robust, not pie in the sky dreams
  • Wider on the ground support: through our partnership network, we can provide assistance to your company’s site selection, staffing and early operation period needs
  • Situation

    Many companies make the decision to enter a new market, whether developed markets, like the US, or fast-growing emerging markets, like Ethiopia, and need help planning, prioritizing and executing such a multi-faceted effort.

  • Complication

    Since international expansions are challenging and resource intensive, few companies have the in-house resources or experience to effectively plan and manage the process.

  • Key question

    The key question then for your business is how can you most effectively decide which geographical market to enter, including which region or even city in that market, with which product, with which partner, in what type of partnership arrangement – to say nothing of when to enter and what are the potential costs and revenues associated with this undertaking?


Daedalus Advisory Services is skilled at answering these questions from its staff’s collective +50 years of experience helping clients to plan and execute their own market entry activities. We have worked with both large and small clients in emerging and developed markets to make smart decisions about how best to use their resources for international expansions.

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