Business Growth
and Strategy Services

Unlike the largest consulting companies, we work with businesses of all sizes, down to start-up companies still experimenting with their business concept.

We offer attractive pricing, clear deliverables, and immediate value-addition through good ideas and hard work. Our services tend to revolve around these business challenges:

  • Defining a sustainable business growth strategy
  • Rebuilding a company’s organizational structure to execute the strategy
  • Identifying sources of growth or competitive advantage
  • Situation

    Few businesses can survive without new sources of growth, whether from new customers, new products or new markets.

  • Complication

    Even fewer businesses have the resources to devote staff to this effort in a sustained and systematic manner.

  • Key question

    The key question for your business then becomes how can you best identify and match market opportunities with your particular skills and assets?


That’s where Daedalus Advisory Services comes in: we are experts at working with your senior staff to craft a business growth strategy that is logical, data-driven, informed by wider trend research and your company’s specific assets.

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