Daedalus Advisory Services Experts

The Daedalus team brings years of experience working in both emerging and developed economies on problems for a range of clients in the public and private sphere. They are skilled technical operators who are also easy to work with. We don’t hire prima donnas.

daedalus president

Shaun P Bourgeois


Shaun leads Daedalus and tends to work on both quantitative modeling and issues around competitive differentiation. He has worked on developing new cities in China, healthcare, agriculture and real estate in Africa, and new ventures in a range of industries in the US and the Middle East. He estimates that his total project analysis and strategic planning portfolio lies somewhere around $10-12 billion USD in total.

He dislikes long walks on the beach, music made after 1918 and long telephone calls.

Contact Shaun to discuss your challenges in real estate, competitiveness or new ventures.

Amit Dalal

Amit Dalal


Amit leads the team’s economics practice, with more than 35 years experience bringing insights to management consulting projects and teams globally. He had exceptionally rich experience in the utility sector and is highly capable in most infrastructure discussions. Because of his ability to bring together a range of stakeholders into a common agreement, he is highly sought after for complex initiatives in urban development and economics.

Contact Amit to discuss competitiveness, urban planning, and economics as well as infrastructure. He likes to talk about these things. Bring coffee.

Zeljko Lazic Daedalus Advisory Services

Zeljko Lazic


I’m a highly motivated, ambitious and a creative person with “I CAN” attitude.
I love working with web technologies and creating fully responsive websites, blogs, e-shops, HTML5 banners and more, that will bring traffic to your online business.

I really enjoy web design & development & SEO and because of that I can learn/adapt to new technologies if needed, in order to finish the challenging project.

Meeting and managing deadlines is very important to me because I’m very serious about my work. In this competitive market, I must stay on top of my game in order to build long-lasting relationships with clients and partners. Read full bio here…

Zoran Lazic

Zoran Lazic


My experience goes from Web development (back-end/front-end), including hybrid mobile apps to the core Saas Business in various shapes. I like developing and I have a broad range of experience using various technologies.

My professional career started at age 19 as a PHP developer. At age 22 I was already leading teams and developing scalable core architecture in companies where I worked.

Today i have 10+ years of professional experience and i develop mostly in Javascript technologies (Node.JS, React/Redux/ReactNative)

Arvind Murthy

Arvind Murthy


Arvind career path is a representation of his multi-disciplinary interests and skill-sets. He started out in the second wave of Silicon Valley tech startups in 2007 at Demandforce, a SaaS company that was acquired by Intuit in 2012. Read full bio here…

Please contact us for more information about our firm or to discuss your business challenge in more detail.