About Daedalus Advisory Services

Daedalus Advisory Services grew out of a core team from PA Consulting Group, a London-based management consulting company that was recently acquired by the Carlyle Group. Our staff held mid to senior level positions in that firm and were responsible for assignments around the world for clients in a diverse group of industries. The most common issues that we wrestled with were around growth initiatives by governments, companies, and non-profits (including family offices) to take their existing assets and develop them into profitable and sustainable engines for the future.

Through our partnerships with hand-picked experts and specialist firms, we are able to provide strong, value-added advisory services support nearly anywhere on the globe.

Read more about the business challenges that we can solve around growth strategy, financial and economic analysis, market entry and web development in our services pages.

Our team page gives more details of our core team and on our partners page you can see our selected partners.

Please contact us for more information about our firm or to discuss your business challenge in more detail.