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Business Growth and Strategy
Business Growth and Strategy
Plan for Growth
The Business Growth and Strategy Service begins with answers to very high-level questions that ultimately create a defensible approach to achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage in a given market niche.
Market Entry
Market Entry
Open New Markets
The Market Entry services offering is built around our team’s experience entering new markets through a rigorous process of iterative analysis of demand, market opportunities, potential partnerships, legal and government support as well as employee and supplier density.
Economic and Financial Analysis
Economic and Financial Analysis
Analyze Your Project
The Economic and Financial Analysis offering is designed to provide support to governments, project sponsors and real estate developers who need assistance quantifying investment returns, economic impacts, and demand studies, most often through custom cash flow or investment models in excel.
Website Development and Management
Website Development and Management
Find Customers Online
Our Website Development and Marketing services provide the crucial missing link between activities at the planning level and their initial implementation and promotion in the real world. Our development and marketing approach is tailored to your specific needs and is completely results-focused.

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  • I had the privilege of working under Shaun’s guidance during a summer consulting internship program in Beijing for one of China’s leading financial SaaS & PaaS providers. My team was tasked with understanding the company’s competitive advantage and assessing its potential in a new product market. During the first week, Shaun introduced us to the basics of management consulting, including Minto’s Pyramid Principle, Chinese Business Culture, and how to create compelling presentations using PowerPoint. During the project, he would meet regularly with our team, review our progress, and offer suggestions on how to improve the deliverable. He pushed our team to identify and synthesize a large amount of information and draw meaning from it in a useful way. His efforts really helped to create value for both my team and our client.

    Cody Provence
    Cody Provence Internal Wholesaler at Jackson
  • Never before have I encountered an individual who has the ability to so completely analyze a situation, determine the best course of action, and then drive to results. Because of his ability to conceptualize immense models and rapidly establish business ties, I have personally witnessed Shaun achieve near impossibilities on a regular basis. Needless to say, Shaun is highly, highly recommended.

    JJ Johnson
    JJ Johnson Lead Engineer at WireWheel.io
  • Shaun has an unfathomable ability to wrap his head around and create sense out of, an overwhelming amount of information to draw out its seemingly non-existent marrow. Even more impressive, he is able to do so in such a way that he engages the other members of his team to participate in the process and add to the synergy, rather than sit on the sidelines, gaping. He is truly open-minded, magnanimous, and devoid of egotism—a very rare and compelling combination. These attributes, combined with his diligent dedication to getting the job done right the first time, make him an invaluable asset to any company lucky enough to have him onboard.

    Laura Allen
    Laura Allen Business Development at Vicarious AI